Vertcoin 10.31.17

Hey, we may as well start throwing up daily updates for Vertcoin too right? It’s like the Apple of crypto. Everyone loves to love it.

VTC just put in another monster move from 50k up to 96k sats followed by a pullback to the 8 day moving average at about 69k. The name continues to be strong with each and every pullback being bought up furiously. The next wave higher should take us to 110k-120k where we should be taking profits and expecting a pullback to 80k-90k.

For weeks now, VTC has been one of the strongest coins out there and we’ve been all over it. Congratulations to all of you! Keep selling the rips and buying the dips!


Ethereum Classic 10.31.17

Ethereum Classic is making an attempt to move higher after coming off this longer term trend line. About a week ago we were looking for a quick ETC bounce and didn’t get it, but did point out levels slightly lower where price could also bounce.

$9.75 is a spot below where it should try to bounce again. Other than that, this trade seems to be dying before it ever really took off. If you’re a real glutton for punishment $8-$8.30 is the next level lower.

If you hung in and/or added around $9.75, you’re up about 10% so far. ETC has just regained the 8 day moving average and MACD is trying to begin curling up. Let’s see how price plays out, but if the other USD pairs start breaking out like we’ve been discussing, ETC is sure to play along.