What We Are About

Making money, educating and having fun.

Our membership levels are broken down by experience to provide the best educational environment for those new to trading and cryptocurrencies. We’ve now created multiple Telegram groups and channels to support this effort. One group is great for beginners with lots of questions who may be less active in trading. The other is for those with a foundation of finance/markets/crypto knowledge who are watching price action and sometimes making trades throughout the day.

Don’t know what a stop limit order is? Beginner

Not sure what a margin trade is? Beginner

Use VPVR on your charts (and understand it)? Experienced

Think these questions are a waste of time? Experienced

Each tier includes full access to the appropriate telegram channel and/or chat as well as to the site containing the Education Library content matching your member level. PayPal subscriptions include a FREE 5 DAY 30 DAY TRIAL. Multi-month purchases with crypto enjoy a discount of up to 40%.

I look forward to helping you along your journey!